How do I get there?

The Mill, Rochdale Road, Walsden, OL146SA. Nearest station is 150 meters away (Walsden) which operates on the Leeds / Manchester line. We are served by many buses on routes from Halifax, Burnley and Rochdale. By car we are 8 miles from junction 21 (M62) eastbound from Manchester and 17 miles from junction 24 (m62) westbound from Leeds.

How do I get in for a gig?

Main events are accessed by the centre stairway from the Mill carpark. The venue entrance is up the stairs via the second floor. Here you’ll access the corridor for the ticket desk / checks and cloakroom before heading to the main bar area. Doors will open at the times listed on the specific events pages. Head over to the events page for more info.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are sold in various ways online via our website and Facebook. You’ll find “buy tickets” links on the events page here. There are also a limited number of tickets which can be purchased direct at the bar if you don’t have a computer (you never know).

What if I just want a drink at the bar?

Simple, just come in through the normal bar entrance on the left side of the mill, you’ll only need to show a ticket / wristband when entering the main event room for a gig.

Are there any free gigs?

Sure, we host plenty of acoustic acts, open mic, comedy and DJ’s in the main bar area throughout the week. There is no charge for accessing the bar unless this is a specified event on the listings.

Do you have a cloakroom?

Yes. You’ll find this facility is available at all main ticketed events for a small fee. It’s located in the entrance corridor.

Can I bring my bag into the performance?

Up to small hand or shoulder bags are permitted in the performance space although please prepare for inspection by our security team. Outside food and drink is not permitted on the premises unless for a specified medical condition.

Is there step free access?

We have a lift available to get you to the venue floor if needed. This requires security access so please call ahead if you require this and we’ll happily assist.

Are toilets accessible?

Yes, our toilets are accessible by wheelchair.

Are there seated views of the stage?

The performance space is a standing-only venue. However, for those who are unable to stand for long periods of time it is possible to arrange a seat. This should be sorted in advance of the show by emailing us at info@themillvenue.co.uk.

I require my guide dog, are they allowed in?

Our venue is very much dog friendly in particular the main bar, however we are hesitant to permit dogs into the events space where amplified sound is being played.

Are strobe lights used?

Not very often during gigs but we will advise on the ticket booking page if this is the case.

I have anxiety issues and worry about being in tightly packed spaces, will I be ok in the Mill?

The Mill’s event space is an intimate environment and it can feel busy particularly if an event is sold out. If you are worried about whether you can attend then you are welcome to come and look at the room beforehand.

Do you have earplugs?

We do keep some behind the bar but would advise to bring your own if needed.

Do you operate Gig buddy scheme?

The Mill is a CAMHA friendly venue with a Gig buddy scheme in place to help people with social anxieties, isolation to feel comfortable enough to came along and see events too. This will be running on all events with Gig buddy logo. Contact us here for more information.

We are looking to support people with mental health difficulties, who feel isolated, or have any other condition that limits people through their mental health within our town of Todmorden, West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, including health issues that can impact on mental health, by providing a safe and adapted environment to express themselves through the arts. Through this awareness drive, we aim to alleviate stigma and promote inclusion within Todmorden and surrounding areas by giving people the opportunity to get involved with our events.

If you consider yourself to have a condition that impacts on your mental health and would love to express yourself creatively/get involved voluntarily helping out at events or even come and see other artists perform etc then please get in touch we want to hear from you and discuss what you think you may need to achieve your goal.

Do you serve food?

Not yet but we’re working on it. We’ll update the website / social media with more info as it follows.

Pet friendly?

Sure, we love pets as long as they’re cool round people.

Can I reserve tables/private areas?

Not really. We’ll do our best to accommodate any specific requests for the main bar area but this can’t be guaranteed. Drop us an email and we’ll try and help.

How old do I need to be?

The Mill is an over 25’s venue by general rule. We let under 25’s in providing there is supervision (kids are welcome with parents / guardians etc). The majority of events will be over 18, we do promote family events so check the details on the events pages. All events will be advertised with any relevant age restrictions in place. Please bring ID if where required.

I’ve lost something how do I get it back?

We keep all lost property for 2 weeks, but as soon as you notice you have lost something please get in touch on either on social media or give us a call. If something has an address on it we will post it back to you free of charge. After 2 weeks lost credit cards will be destroyed

Do we need to be quiet outside?

When leaving the venue at closing we ask you to try and keep noise down. We have new neighbours close by. They are sleeping. We must show utmost respect to them if we want our venue to continue to be a success.

Can I use the Mill for events outside opening hours?

Maybe. We can apply for a certain number of Temporary Event Notices per year, but they need to be authorised by the Council and applied for a month in advance. We have neighbours including both residential and business so this is always a primary consideration. Also non licensable events, such as film shoots, gallery displays etc can be done at any time.


We have a maximum 220 (standing) capacity in the main event room. Our main bar holds upto 150 with some seated.

Can I perform in the bar area instead of the event space?

We have a fantastic small stage area with PA system, lighting and desk in the bar area suitable for acoustic acts and other lower equipment demand performances. Generally speaking this area would be for free performances and open mic.

How do I book an open mic slot?

If you’d like to showcase your talents or need more info then get in touch with our co-ordinator Isaac@themillvenue.uk

What equipment does The Mill provide?

Please see tech spec page

Do you have a backline?

Not yet but we’re working on it :).

Loading in and parking?

A suggested time for arrival would be between 5pm-6pm, however venue access can be as early as 1pm on the day of the show if you want to drop off equipment and begin to set up. Please let us know what time you plan to be arriving so we can expect you. However, due to us respecting our neighbouring businesses and residents, sound-check has to be after 5pm, unless specifically agreed prior to the show, so we can warn our neighbours!. Our resident sound engineer will be in at 6pm unless an earlier start time has been arranged.

Please be aware that the mill is a first floor venue, lift access is available but bear in mind this is a small Victorian one, please check with us if you need to bring anything larger than a fridge!.

Parking is available close to the entrance in the mill shared carpark. Please use designated spaces and try not to leave any vehicles overnight as this can cause issues with our neighbouring businesses.

Please see band information and tech spec page

Is there a backstage area?

Yes. We have a green room to hang out before / after the show.

Is there any equipment storage?

We have ample storage which can be used for instrument/case etc, however at the end of the night please take all your equipment home with you.

My band would like to play, who do I speak to?

Please email us at promotions@themillvenue.uk or call in for a chat

I am a promoter who would like to put on a night who do I speak to?

As above. Please have a clear plan in place when you explain to us what it is you would like to do.

Can I use my own sound engineer?

Yes, with prior consent.

Can I use my own security?

No, where security staff is required the Mill will provide this service.

Can I sell my merchandise?

You’re more than welcome to sell CD’s etc at the gig, we’ll provide a table for you.